Monday, March 12, 2012

Audacious 3.2

With recent update in Debian Wheezy, I noticed that Audacious was going to be upgraded from 2.x to 3.x., so I thought I'd do a quick review.
My music collection is now approaching 30GB, well over a third of my hard disk space, so I leave it on my external drive, with an occasional new album on the laptop drive. Audacious is the music player I've been using recently, because it's a lightweight player that will play a folder from my hard drive, or a new album from my laptop drive, and won't spend five thirty seconds updating a music library index before doing so.
The major new feature in the updated version is a search feature that will index a music library and create playlists based on album artist, title or genre. You can't search for an artist and then refine the search to an album, but the heavyweight music players all do that already. So, not much of interest in 3.2, but Audacious remains an excellent lightweight music player with an elegant and functional layout. For Debian Squeeze users, get the backports version because it has the album art and equaliser displays that add just the right amount of understated visual appeal a music player needs.

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