Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dual booting Squeeze and Wheezy

I've always wanted to try running Debian testing, but never got round to it. I'd been labouring under the delusion that I needed a USB image to install Linux, but a post on the Debian forum recently made me realise that all I needed was the CD iso image copied to a USB drive (my CD drive is non-functional). I wrote recently about the Linux dilemma of desiring both a stable system, and to have the latest desktop. This and the realisation that it was possible to install Debian Testing from a USB drive made me think about a dual boot system. Today I was bored and went for it.
The installation seemed to go well. I resized my /home partition, installed Wheezy in the resultant space, let the installer download a few hundred MBs of files and update grub, and rebooted. Happy, happy, joy, joy!
Nope, the computer failed to boot. I looked like I ruined a perfectly good installation of Squeeze and would have to do the installation again, chewing up another Gig of my broadband data limit. Sinking feeling, constricting of the chest, depression. But a few hours later, I've managed to sort out the problems, an my dual boot system seems to be working well. Hurray!
I'll be posting on the problems encountered and solutions found.

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