Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue Boot

Here's a Plymouth theme I knocked up using the Moreblue Orbit wallpaper (which is in the Debian desktop-base folder), and the Debian Vizta Plymouth theme.
I've added the Moreblue Orbit wallpaper as a background image to the theme, as described here, changed the Debian logo used to the standard logo, and changed the position the logo swarm appears by editing the Plymouth script.
The GDM splash screen is just the Moreblue Orbit wallpaper minus the Debian logo.
In contrast to my dark Plymouth theme, the lack of integration between Plymouth and the GDM greeter is obvious- the screen turns black for several seconds and the Gnome cursor timer appears. Plymouth themes in Fedora go straight from the Plymouth theme to the GDM splash- without a black screen appearing, so I imagine better integration will arrive at some point in Debian.

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