Friday, March 11, 2011

Internet Explorer destroyed

Here's a report from Pwn2Own, where hackers try to pwn various browsers for prizes.
Internet Explorer 8 was utterly destroyed by the security researcher Stephen Fewer who used three various techniques crack through the IE 8′s security parts such as ASLR/DEP. He also managed to escape the protected mood of the IE 8 and that was a quite a mesmerizing feat by a independent researcher. Here is what Aarion Portnoy, the organizer of Pwn2Own said about the amazing feat -
“He used three vulnerabilities to bypass ASLR and DEP, but also escape Protected Mode. That’s something we’ve not seen at Pwn2Own before,” Aarion Portnoy
A good excuse to post the wallpaper above by Joshua Holbrook.

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