Monday, February 21, 2011

Any colour you like- but here's black

Here's my latest attempt at customising the Debian boot sequence using Plymouth and customised Grub and GDM splash screens, this time using the Script Plymouth theme which can be modified by the user- here I've simply set the background colour to black, changed the progress bar to Debian red, and removed the progress bar border. I've done a black Grub background with a grey Debian swirl, and a black GDM background with a grey Debian logo.
Now all of this black doesn't come out very well on a digital camera, but the video above does demonstrate and alternative to the Debian SpaceFun theme- and the background could easily be set to any colour.
Get busy with Gimp or Inkscape! If anybody really wants my background images or to know how to modify the Script theme, leave a comment.
For some reason GDM takes a long time to show the login screen after loading- meaning the Plymouth screen disappears while the progress bar is nowhere near the end and the Gnome cursor timer appears for several seconds.
I've seen videos of Plymouth boots in Ferdora, for example, where the GDM login screen appears immediately after the Plymouth screen, and when the Plymouth progress bar has reached the end, which is a more pleasing handover- it doesn't seem consistent for the Plymouth progress bar to be replaced by the Gnome timer when they are both doing the same job, but maybe this is just my computer.

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