Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cheap Linux webcam

Sainsbury's in the UK is selling the HP HD-2200 Webcam for a very cheap price (£4.99- Amazon is selling it for £24.61). If I have any readers in the UK who need a cheap, Linux compatible webcam, grab one before they sell out. Image quality is 720p, and there's a built in microphone.


  1. What distros have you used it with? Any caveats?

  2. Debian Wheezy. Video and sound work. Quality is excellent for a fiver- much better than my old webcam. I had a problem recording sound with VLC, but I think that's because I installed Pulseaudio, and it's a Pulse/Alsa communication thing rather than a webcam problem.

  3. I've been testing the webcam thoroughly for my latest post, and video and audio work in all the applications I've tried- the VLC issue was caused by the default sample rate being higher than that of the webcam. In ALSA use plughw which converts the sample rate. This doesn't work with Pulse audio, so you have to reduce the sample rate in VLC settings.