Sunday, February 10, 2013

HP Deskjet 3050 j610 on Crunchbang Waldorf

My printer works well with the latest version of HPLIP available on Debian Testing (Wheezy). I've installed it with ease in a Gnome environment and in XFCE, so I was rather surprised to find that it didn't work in Crunchbang Waldorf, which is based on Wheezy.

After several hours Goolgling, I found the problem: not all the required dependencies of HPLIP are installed in Waldorf, and the required user permissions are not set.

To check if HPLIP is set up correctly, run:
sudo hp-check -t
If there are unmet dependencies or permission issues, run the required fix to install and add automatically.

My symptoms were:

Could see printer in System>Printers>Configure Printers but not use.
Could see printer in device setup HPLIP gui (hp-toolbox) but not install.
Could install printer via hp-setup as root, but could not print from inside web pages (could print a text file) and could not administer printer from Device Manager.

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