Friday, August 31, 2012

MP3 enters Debian

The Debian Wiki Multimedia Codecs page states:
Legal Issues

As long time users of Debian may know, there has been a long history of legal concerns when it comes to using various multimedia related software due to software patents. Because of this, various multimedia codecs could not be made available within Debian. However, Debian's position on software patents has changed, resulting in the inclusion of these various multimedia codecs within Debian. 
I noticed while writing the previous post that some applications that used to require additional packages from the repository in order to rip or convert to MP3 now seem to have that option enabled with only the Debian repositories.

The Debian Wiki Multimedia Codecs page still suggests that extra packages from are necessary, but as far as I can see this information is obsolete.

I can certainly convert from .ogg to .mp3 in SoundConverter. I don't have any audio CDs at hand to test Sound Juicer, but the rip to MP3 option is certainly enabled.

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  1. The Debian Wiki is a little out of date here. mp3 is included in libavcodec and libavformat. Encrypted DVDs can be played with libdvdread4 from Debian repos, it's not necessary to download the *buntu version.
    Even easier, just install VLC, it will play almost anything.