Monday, January 9, 2012

Debian 6.03 install niggles

I installed Debian 6.03 on my laptop recently. I found a couple of niggles post-installation.
The first was that the external hard drive wouldn't mount. I found the solution here.
The next was that the protocols in Pidgin were greyed out. I found a work around here, but the real problem was that Network Manager wasn't working- the install had configured an Ethernet connection leaving Network Manager obsolete. I had a connection but no way of enabling wireless. I found the solution here.
Despite the niggles, Debian really is rock-solid. Even after just a year it feels dated compared to Fedora 16 which I've been using recently, but it doesn't have the same huge updates every few days, or any of the minor crashes.
I am missing Gnome 3, and looking forward to seeing it in Debian 7, hopefully in a similar rock-solid state by then.


  1. I feel the same about Squeeze seeming out-of-date and just went ahead and updated to wheezy/testing which feels pretty solid right now - more solid than the last few Fedora releases - maybe try it?

    The only thing I had to adjust was getting cpufrequtils to load the conservative module (ondemand heats up my laptop too much I found).

  2. I was looking for a Testing Live USB because my CD drive doesn't work, but couldn't find one.
    Did you actually update from Squeeze to Wheezy? I know there were problems updating from Lenny to Squeeze. If the process is smoother now, I might try it.
    On the other hand, apart from Gnome 3, there's nothing I really miss compared to the cutting edge of Fedora 3, and it's nice to have a stable computer which never gets updates for a change. At least until I get bored again anyway...