Friday, January 27, 2012

Configuration heaven

I've been trying out KDE on a Fedora Live USB after reading this review comparing it to Windows 7.
[U]sers moving between KDE and Windows 7 won't find many differences in basic navigation. However, the differences in how features are implemented are obvious as soon as you start configuring.
They certainly are. Every application in KDE seems to have one hundred configuration options, as does every panel, widget or window. It's clearly aimed at "power users". Fiddling with configuration options is not my cup of tea. I like the minimalism of Gnome, and Gnome applications.
Give me Gnome 3 with its almost complete lack of configuration options any day.


  1. Give me any Gnome user (2 or 3 or even future Gnome 4) and I'll kick their ass in usability, ease of use, performance, efficiency and everything else. And I mean any time. You can't comprehend the power KDE has and probably never will (this is because of your psychological limitation that the simplicity of Gnome is better, but in fact just makes you dumber), and that is sad.

  2. meanwhile your KDE slugs your OS just like windows does.

  3. Indeed, I find the lack of configuration option in Gnome 3 rather disturbing, i've been used to kde since Debian Sarge, so it is a hard transition, I miss YaKuake! :'(