Sunday, May 8, 2011

Enable hardware-accelerated OpenGL drivers on ATI X1600 in Debian Squeeze

If you have a ATI X1600 graphics card, are running Debian Squeeze and enjoy fragging bots in Open Arena, and find that you can't run the game because hardware accelerated video isn't working and the game runs like cold treacle, try adding the repository and updating libdrm-intel1, libdrm-radeon1, libdrm2. These libraries...
...implement the userspace interface to the kernel DRM services.
DRM stands for "Direct Rendering Manager", which is the kernelspace portionof the "Direct Rendering Infrastructure" (DRI). The DRI is currently used on Linux to provide hardware-accelerated OpenGL drivers.
There must be some sort of patent-encumbered aspect of these libraries that is disabled in Squeeze, because installing the updates from allowed me to run the game at full speed.


  1. by the way you should also add
    the package

  2. I had it installed- but even then Open Arena wouldn't run.