Wednesday, May 11, 2011

100% Safe browsing in Windows

100% safe browsing has finally arrived in Windows:
German security company released a version of Firefox 4 that runs independent of the operating system on a client PC and automatically contains malware that may be downloaded via Firefox.
How is this achieved?
The browser version, originally developed upon request by the German government, is quite possibly the most secure browser you can use today. The software called BitBox (Browser-in-the-box) Virtualbox 4.04 comes as a self-contained package with a stripped version of Debian 6 Linux and runs within a virtual machine environment. The browser itself is isolated from the actual host computer, which does not have access to websites when the Sirrix browser is used.
Hey, that's really great. But couldn't I be just as secure by running Firefox on Debian? Oh wait, I already am! ;-)

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