Monday, May 18, 2015

Things that are broken in Debian Jessie 2

Gnome Calendar:

Gnome Calendar causes random authentication request popups (without identifying where they have come from), as documented at

The first attempt at entering a password fails, even if it is correct; the popup disappears at the second attempt but returns later.

Looks like this is fixed in Gnome 3.16.


  1. Hi, this comment is a little off topic but hope you can help.

    My Debian installation is unable to update for the past 2 months with error message
    "W: Failed to fetch Hash Sum mismatch"

    Unable to get thru to the ISP to remove from their proxy cache (unlike this lucky user here -

    Is there a way to get around this problem, like a direct link instead of ?

    Debian user's in countries that have direct connection may not understand this problem but this problem will make Debian un-usable for some.

  2. Seen this?

    Don't know if this works for security updates, but worth a try?

    Sorry I can't help more.