Saturday, May 4, 2013

Debian Wheezy released


I've been using Wheezy for months (as Testing), and found it very stable. Of course, I am now faced with what I've previously called the Linux dilemma:  whether to stick with the stability of Wheezy for two years, or switch to a more cutting edge release or distro to experience the latest software updates, and risk experiencing a few bugs. Wheezy is already out of date: Gnome 3.4, XFCE 4.8 and kernel 3.2- and Wheezy is not going to see feature updates for two years.


  1. I have the same conflict - thinking of sticking with Wheezy (I like Gnome 3.4) but use to ensure Iceweasel is up-to-date.

    Keep getting the urge to apt-get dist-upgrade to Jessie though, even if it is only a few days old.

  2. Gnome 3.6 is better, if you ask me, and Gnome is a work in progress, so I wouldn't want to stick with 3.4 for two years. Gnome will probably be at 4.4 by then!

  3. Yeah, but I didn't think 3.6 was that great - maybe because I used 3.4 since it hit testing? - but will go up to Jessie in 9-12 months' time *possibly*. This machine I'm writing on is my only computer, and don't want to trigger a udev-or-something upgrade problem that's difficult to downgrade from.

    I always enjoy the site by the way - you've saved me on an occasion to two!