Thursday, April 18, 2013

Banners Broker

Having had an interest in computer malware for almost ten years now, I've come across some very unscrupulous internet advertising operations- the sort that try to install advertising software on computers by exploitation of security vulnerabilities or social engineering, and make it as difficult as possible to uninstall it. The people behind such operations may masquerade as legitimate, but they are crooks.

Perhaps that's why when somebody suggested I put some money into the Banners Broker company I smelled a rat. It claims to make you money by buying and reselling internet advertising. At first look, perhaps plausible, but schemes to make huge amounts of money from internet advertising can be crooked.

I'm also suspicious of money making schemes that require no work or expertise, especially ones that seem to guarantee a return.

I Googled the company and found that it was a Ponzi scheme, promoted by a bunch of obvious con men and women. The evidence for this was clearly available, and I didn't want anything to do with the company. It seemed likely at the time that the scheme was close to collapse, but it still seems to be trying to attract new money (although not paying out any more). 

For this reason I've decided to post the information I've come across in the hope that it may reach somebody tempted to put money into the scheme or a similar one. The business model of the scheme is totally implausible- this has been well documented- and the suspension of disbelieve seems to depend a sense of entitlement- there are millions of dollars moving around the internet in advertising, why shouldn't some of those dollars fall into my lap?

Because you don't deserve it: there's no way Banners Broker makes money legitimately, only by drawing in new suckers. Don't be one. Check out the evidence.

A web developer looks at the business model.

An internet advertiser looks at the business model.

Another internet advertiser looks at the business model (update here).

An online advertising expert looks at the business model (update here).

A web site publisher looks at the business model.

A make money online website looks at the business model.

A blog on internet cybercrime has pictures of Banners Broker's obviously fake headquarters.

Finally, has a thread on Banners Broker.

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