Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Printing multiple photos on a page in Gnome

One of the things I miss about Windows is the way you could select several photos while viewing a folder, and then print them on one page. This is not possible in Gnome. (It looks like KDE has a plug in for this.)

There are a couple of applications that will print multiple photos on a page. Both have an easy drag and drop GUI.

One is gnome-photo-printer. Here photos are dragged to a list.

After which you can select the image size required.

And do a print preview.

The other application I looked at is PhotoPrint. Here you choose how many rows and columns you want on the page, and drag photos to cells.

Obviously if you're looking to print photos in a standard format, gnome-photo-printer looks like a good choice, whereas if you just want six photos on a page printer as large as possible, PhotoPrint is the easier option.

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