Saturday, December 15, 2012

Record from soundcard in Debian Wheezy

Today I wanted to record a radio program from the internet in Debian Wheezy. I've done this before with Sound Recorder in Squeeze without (as far as I can remember) any difficulty by simply selecting the soundcard as the source.

In Wheezy this doesn't seem to be possible, and it took me a while before I came across a solution on Stebalien:
  1. Install pavucontrol and the gnome-sound-recorder.
  2. Open the gnome-sound-recorder and start recording
  3. Open the pulseaudio volume control and switch to the recording tab
  4. Click on the down arrow of the "gnome-sound-recorder" Record Stream, Select "Move Stream" and move the stream to the "Monitor" stream for your sound card.

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