Sunday, February 19, 2012

Conky in CruchBang

I've been playing around with CrunchBang recently. It's elegantly functional, in a minimalist way. It comes with Conky enabled by default. The default desktop seems to be designed for people who enjoy sitting in the dark wondering exactly what their computer is doing.

I messed about with my set up to see if I could reduce Conky to something more minimal, and also added one of my favourite wallpapers, something a little more light and airy and interesting to look at when I see the desktop.

Here's a close up of Conky:

The Gmail indicator uses this script, and the weather indicator this script (see this post for how to set up the location if you're not in the US).

If you try something similar, and wonder how to get Conky to display #!,put a "\" before the "#", which otherwise will turn the line into a comment.
${alignc}${font Liberation Sans:size=26}\#!${font}

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