Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Connecting to

Recently I've noticed WordPress blogs taking a long time to load, or stalling before loading completely, while Firefox displays the message Connecting to The delay is minutes rather than seconds, so this is a serious inconvenience.

The problem seems to be with the Gravatar service, which supplies an avatar to comments added to a blog post.

WordPress Comments Slow Down Page Speed.
Gravatars Can Slow-Down Your WordPress Blog.

Update: Adding an AdBlock filter for Gravatar fixes this. Simply right click on any Gravatar avatar and  select AdBlock Plus: Block image.

Update 2: Not quite. Add a custom filter for http://** to block all of Gravatar's servers.

s* is also causing delays.


  1. Use : Settings - Discussion - Avatars
    Uncheck Show Avatars..Done

  2. @ Anonymous that only stops showing them, your site still connects to gravatr