Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mouse pointer highligher trail in GIMP

The default setting in the GIMP has a mouse pointer highlighter active. It makes working in GIMP difficult- to the point that it's been mistaken for a bug. I came across this issue before- and disabled the highlighter immediately. Using another computer today, I came across the same issue, but I'd forgotten how I'd fixed it- and it took me a while to find the solution. Eventually I found it on Pimp my GIMP.

Go to File>Preferences>Image Windows and untick Show brush outline.

Update: this looks like a Debian Lenny issue: my Debian Squeeze machine doesn't have this problem. Time to update the old laptop I was using when I wrote this post, probably.


  1. This is a bug in your video driver - it can't handle the draw mode of the brush outline.

    You can work around the problem by setting the xor-color to white (color-rgb 1.0 1.0 1.0) in gimprc, see

    The real fix would be to update your video driver to a version without the bug.

  2. Thanks for the information- as I use the open source driver that comes with Squeeze, I guess I might get an update in a couple of years when Wheezy arrives.

  3. Oops! I forgot I'm using my old Lenny laptop at the moment- and when I encountered the problem before, I was probably running Lenny on my main computer.

    So there may be an update to the video driver available (I won't be able to update this machine to check- but I'll check on my Squeeze machine to see if the issue still exists).