Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Return of the living dead

I've been testing Debian Squeeze beat for a while now, and I'm disappointed to find that a trio of annoying bugs that had appeared in Ubuntu just before I stopped using it are now in Squeeze.
  • Copy and paste occasionally fails to work in Firefox (Iceweasel in Squeeze) web forms.
  • Trying to safely remove USB hard drive results in a "Unable to stop drive" error message.
  • In Movie Player in full screen, the controls disappear when hovered over after the screensaver has been on for a while. (Normal behaviour is obviously for the controls to appear when hovered over.)
These bugs are irritating. They'd be show stoppers if there was any other show in town.


Update: two of these bugs (1&3) are actually the same bug in Compiz. See Return of the Living Dead Part II.

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